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August 7 & 8, 2017 The DOCC and CMP will be providing therapy sessions Aug 7&8. Unfortunately these are not normally covered under your benefits plan. If you figure out how to get coverage, let the rest of us know.

Step right up, get a 2016 trackday!

You  Must Be Getting Itchy Fingers By Now So Ease Your Pain and Book Your Track Weekened! To register, click EVENTS menu top of page Join us for fun and club hospitality – we’re about riders, not what they’re riding.

2016 Election Candidates

Now I know your all just coming down off the high from the excitement of the Canadian federal election but don’t put your pencil away just yet. It time to vote for your DOCC executive.  Please spend some time to

2015/16 AGM Proxy Form updated for your convenience…

Track Day Preferences – Time to have your say!

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