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WINTER IS COMING! Sorry but....

PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:07 pm
by Ken
Yes Virginia, there really is a time of year when Canadian bike riders cannot ride their bikes......

Anyway. 'off-season' shop rates will take effect starting November 1. 20% off summer rate=$76/hr! If you need serious work like a 12/24/30k major service, custom projects etc and can get your bike to us, you can save considerable money that you can then spend on accessories/performance work! Sounds like a plan?

Also, we have storage available for approx 25 bikes. $2.00 per day plus $95 to prep it in and out, plus any parts costs.

We also have Jason from EMS motorcycle services on board to pick up and return bikes for a very reasonable flat rate within the GTA if transportation is a problem.

Call to discuss or make an appointment.