Covid-19 Track Guidelines

Covid-19 Track Guidelines

Due to the COVID-19 protocols in effect in Ontario, the DOCC has had to make adjustments to some of the processes most of you are familiar with in order to run our event. We will be adhering to all COVID-19 social distancing guidelines in effect at the time of our event. Government guidelines can be found at and

Covid-19 General

      • Stay at home and away from others if you are feeling ill.
      • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use an alcohol-based sanitizer if soap and water are not available
      • Maintain physical distancing of two metres from people in public
      • Wear a face covering in public where physical distancing is a challenge or not possible
      • Practice good hygiene (avoiding touching your face and covering your cough or sneeze)
      • No gathering of more than 10 people from outside your household.
      • Regularly clean any frequently touched surfaces
      • The paddock is large, please spread out and maintain of at least 3m between pit areas.
      • Bring your own PPE and hand sanitizer.
      • No spectators. guests, or  other member of the public will be permitted entry into the facility. Only participants and their supporting crew will be allowed into the facility, preferably arriving in the same vehicle.
      • Anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed entry.
      • All participants and supporting crew members must complete the Calabogie e-waiver prior to arriving at the track. Entry will be barred until the waiver is completed. This is mandatory.
      • Everyone should come to the track prepared with food, water, hand sanitizer, PPE, and any other necessities they require. Calabogie is discouraging any unnecessary trips into the village.
      • Turn 21, the Calabogie store will be open for fuel, ice, coffee and snacks. There is a two person maximum capacity at one time. Only VISA and debit payments are accepted. They will not be accepting cash.
      • Washrooms will be open in buildings 3 & 6 and will be regularly sanitized. All other washrooms will be locked.
      • We’ll need a gate policy… insert here once we determine what it is after the Calabogie staff leave at 5pm.
      • Please respect yourselves, each other, our staff, and great people who run and maintain Calabogie while we work through these changes together.


      • We strongly encourage you to pre-register. Social distancing guidelines will limit our ability to quickly process at track registrations.
      • Cash payments at the track are strongly discouraged. Please make arrangement in advance if you must pay by cash. We will not be making change at the track.
      • Insurance waivers must still be signed as part of the registration process. We will have a safety screen in place between you and our staff. We will provide each participant with their own pen which they should retain until after tech process has been completed.
      • Registration will be a single file line. Pylons will be set out to help with social distancing.


      • Helmet Tech
        • We still require a visual inspection of each participants’ helmet after at track registration and waivers have been completed. Please stay back 2m and be prepared to show us all sides of the helmet.
        • Riders will need to self certify with a signature on their tech cards they received at registration that their helmet meets our current standards and is  less than 7 years old.
        • Helmet tech will be a single file line. Pylons will be set out to help with social distancing.
      • Bike Tech
        • Only approach when waved up.
        • Demonstrate that your front and rear brakes are functional once you’ve been waved forward.
        • Roll your bike into the provided wheel chock or place it on its side stand.
        • Stand back at least 2m so our tech staff can safely complete their inspection.
        • Bike tech will be a single file line. Please maintain 2m between yourself and ours while waiting.
        • Both the inspector and the rider will have to sign the tech card. We’ll leave it on the end of the table for your signature.  If you are concerned, please ensure you have hand sanitizer available.
        • Retrieve your bike.
Sound Check

      • Calabogie requires every bike to be sound checked and have a 2020 sticker to be allowed onto the track
      • Sound checks are available for 7:00am – 9:30am each day.
      • Sound checks are preformed past the gas pumps behind the main building by the garages.
      • We will provide a wheel chock  so the sound check sticker can be applied within social distancing guidelines.

Riders Meeting

      • We are prohibited from hosting gatherings of 5 or more.
      • An email will be sent to each participant prior to the event containing all relevant information required for your on-track experience.
      • This must be electronically acknowledged prior to being allowed onto the track.
      • Any relevant updates for the day will be displayed on a whiteboard at pit out.

Pit out

      • We will be visually inspecting your riding gear prior to going on track.
      • Please slow down when approaching pit out so we can look.
      • Please tilt your head back so we can see your chin strap is secured as you approach.
      • Please do not bunch up as you approach pit out and maintain a 2m separation between your bikes.
      • We would prefer if you approached pit out single file from the south along side the main building so we can quickly get you out on the track.

New to any track or new to Calabogie

      • The DOCC will continue to offer coaching and orientation sessions for new to any track rider and experienced riders new to Calabogie.
      • Mandatory orientation sessions will be held each day at 8am. Ask for Stewart Anderson. We are limited to 9 riders per session, so let us know in advance so we can add more sessions if required.

Bike Pickup

      • Our  bike pick up crew will be using PPE as they will be working in close contact with other. Riders requiring their assistance will be asked to follow social distancing guidelines  and stay at least 2m while they work.
      • Riders will not be allowed into the bike pickup vehicle and are required to ride with their bike on the trailer or in the box of the truck.

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