Rules And Regulations

Helmets will be checked at Registration (see Riding Gear Requirements) – please have the certification sticker inside ready to show at Registration.

Riding gear per our Rules/Gear page will be checked at pregrid as you queue for your ride group session saving you time and effort lugging your gear around. Please help gear check personnel at pit-out to complete gear check-off to avoid delays.

Please take a moment to review your club information for track events to be sure you’re up to date.


Important Notice:

You must read and understand completely the Rules and Regulations issued for these events. The mechanical fitness of each motorcycle is the responsibility of the rider. You must make yourself familiar with the layout of the individual tracks and the placement of safety devices and barriers and their location on the track.

 Please Note:  There are additional racetrack rules that apply at Mosport and Calabogie. See individual rally programs for these rules.

      1.  To register for a track event you must be a fully paid up member of The New Ducati Owner’s Club of Canada Corporation.
      2.  To be eligible to ride a motorcycle on the track, you must be at least 18 years old and photo identification must be produced at registration
      3.  Riders must read, understand and sign all wavier forms prior to participating.
      4.  All entrants must attend the riders meetings, no exceptions.
      5.  Participants must not tamper with any of the markings or tags. For example: wristbands, registration stickers, tech inspection tags or helmet stickers.
      6.  Only 2 wheeled motorcycles are eligible to participate in track days. No sidecars or 3-wheeled motorcycles are allowed on the track.
      7.  The mechanical fitness of each motorcycle is the responsibility of the rider. All motorcycles must be in safe mechanical condition and pass a technical inspection prior to being allowed on the track. All crashed motorcycles must be re-inspected before re-entering another session.
      8. Cameras or any other accessory mounted to the motorcycle must be securely mounted and tethered.
      9.  Your membership number is your rider number for the season. It must be displayed on the front and both sides of your bike. Preferred colours are black numbers on a white background. Racing bikes may retain their class colour combination. Numbers must be at least 4″ tall x 2″ wide and must be displayed on a plain solid background. If you wish to ride with a different number or don’t know your number, contact the registration desk.
      10.  All riders must wear riding gear suitable for the racetrack. Riding gear must conform to our riding gear standards (see Riding Gear Requirements). All riding gear must be inspected before your motorcycle is presented to tech inspection.
      11.  Riders shall not consume intoxicants and/or any substance, including, but not limited to, alcohol or any narcotics that could impair their ability to operate a motorcycle safely. Anyone caught breaking this rule will not be permitted to ride for the remainder of the weekend.
      12.  Anyone allowing an unregistered person to ride their motorcycle on the track will lose their privileges for the remainder of the weekend.
      13.  Any participant who rides in a group they are not registered for will not be allowed to ride in their next session.
      14.  If any part of your motorcycle, other than the tires, touches the ground while you are on the track your motorcycle and your riding gear must be re-teched and you must report to the medical station before riding another session. Failure to do so may result in loss of riding privileges. If for any reason you lose control of your motorcycle, either on or off the track and cause another rider to fall, you may lose all riding privileges for the remainder of the weekend. All situations will be assessed individually. Corner Marshals and/or Riding Marshals will report all situations where a bike has left the track.
      15.  If for any reason you leave the track,(i.e. crash, moto, or mechanical) you may not re-enter the track unless directed to do so by the nearest corner marshal. Failure to obey corner marshals may result in loss of riding privileges.
      16.  Never cross the track when it is in use. Never ride opposite to the direction of traffic on the track, in paddock, or in pit areas.
      17.  All track riding will stop when the track is closed. No driving is permitted (all vehicles) on the track without track management or Club Executive permission.
      18.  All decisions made by the Club Executive are final. All participants agree to abide by these decisions during the rally.
      19.  Rider Conduct: Under no circumstance will profanity or violence towards any Club officers, volunteers and other participants be tolerated. Such actions will result in immediate loss of riding privileges and/or expulsion from the Ducati Owners Club of Canada and/or expulsion from the track and/or criminal charges.

Riding Coaches

We will have riding coaches on track leading new riders through track orientation or assisting riders to improve their skills. Our riding coaches can be easily identified by their green vests worn over their leathers. Please allow some extra space and exercise some caution when approaching and passing a coach and their riders.


Registration will be on a first come, first served basis. You will be registered upon receipt of your cheque/money order payable to The New D.O.C.C. All cheques must be sent to:

The New D.O.C.C.,
151 Orchard Road.,
N4S 7N5,

Please Note: We do not accept post dated cheques. We do have provision to pay by Paypal for online registration only. All at track registration is by cash or cheque or credit card. There are no refunds for inclement weather,failure to pass sound checks and other unforeseen circumstances. All refunds are at the discrimination of the Club Executive and in all cases refunds will be issued after the event after the Club’s financial position regarding the event has been determined. To be assured of a spot, please register early. Club members located in the United States should keep in mind there is a delay in surface mail crossing the border. To expedite your registration you can courier or air mail.

When registering you must choose one of the following classes.

• Blue – Is for the average street rider who enjoys a spirited ride, but is not ready to begin road racing yet. Passing on the inside of corners is not permitted in this class.

 • Yellow – Is for experienced track riders who can turn good lap times, but still maintain a safe margin for error. Safe passing at any position on the track is allowed.

 • Green – Is open to all racers and equally fast non racers. This group is very fast and riders should be comfortable riding in close quarters. Safe passing at any position on the track is allowed.

 It is strongly recommended that less experienced riders and riders who have never ridden the Mosport or Calabogie must attend the first-timers’ Orientation Session, which will familiarize riders with the track. Once you have chosen the class that best suits you, you will not be held to it all weekend. We will allow class changes to accommodate rider ability providing there is space available. All class changes must be authorized by the Events Coordinator. The registration center at the track will be open from 7:00 pm to dusk on Friday night for early birds, and will then reopen Saturday morning at 7:30 am and Sunday morning at 8:00 am. All riders must familiarize themselves with the track layout, safety devices and barriers before registering. Prepaid registrations will have priority. While at registration please advise us of any medical conditions we should be aware of. We suggest all riders carry a medical information card available at the registration desk. Once you have registered you must take your riding gear and motorcycle to the Tech Area for inspection.

 Technical Inspection

Helmets must be of the full face type and conform to one of the following standards (see Riding Gear Requirements for complete details):

 • North America: Snell M2015/M2020D

 • Europe: ECE 22-05

 • Great Britain: BS-6658 Grade A

 • Japan: JIS-T-8133-2007

All helmets must be no older than 7 years from date of manufacture.

 Note: Your helmet must be inspected before bringing your bike to tech. Please read Riding Gear Requirements. Bring your tech inspection card, in your registration package, to bike tech inspection.

The technical inspection is very brief and looks only for obvious faults. It is up to you, as the motorcycle owner/rider, to ensure that the filler and drain plugs and all fasteners are tight and that the engine and other components are not about to fail. <strong>We require you to maintain your motorcycle in safe condition prior to each session and provide all maintenance and/or repairs necessary before participating in your session of the track. </strong>

Our inspection will consist of but is not limited to the following:

      1.  Your helmet must be full-faced, be in good condition, show no signs of impact on the exterior. It must fit the wearer properly. A visor must be fitted to the helmet. Your helmet will have a tech inspection sticker placed on it at the time of tech inspection. If your helmet does not have a sticker, you cannot use it to ride.
      2.  Modular or flip up style helmets are not allowed.
      3.  All motorcycles must have only 2 wheels. No sidecars or any sort of three-wheeled vehicle will be allowed on the track.
      4.  Minimum wheel diameter is 15 inches. Tires must have sufficient tread for the event; slicks are allowed but again must have adequate rubber depth. Tires must be inflated to a correct pressure.
      5.  We will check brakes for action and tightness of components, but you are responsible for their mechanical and functional soundness. We will look at the thickness of pads on disc brakes.
      6.  All fluids (gas, brake, forks, engine, transmission, battery and radiator) must not be leaking. NOTE: Your cooling system on liquid cooled bikes may be checked with an antifreeze hydrometer to ensure that it does not contain any glycol antifreeze. Use distilled water with a wetting solution added to ensure adequate cooling. Any bike containing glycol antifreeze will not pass tech and will not be allowed on the track. There will be no exceptions. Evans, Blue Ice, and any coolant containing propylene glycol is not allowed.
      7. We will check brake bolts, axle nuts, pinch bolts, steering head bearings, handle bars and spokes for tightness.
      8. Center stands must be removed. Side stands will be allowed to remain on the bikes subject to the approval of technical staff at time of inspection
      9. We will check to see that the throttle does not stick and that the brake and clutch lever operate properly.
      10. Swing arm, rear axle, chain and adjusters, plus suspension components will be checked.
      11. All lenses (headlight, tail lights and signals) must be taped or removed. Mirror glass must be totally taped or removed. It is advisable to tape any speedos. Tachometers should be taped allowing the shift point visible.
      12. Number displays must be clearly visible and comply with the following specifications.
        • Numbers on a contrasting background placed on the front and both sides of the bike. Black numbers on a white background is preferable. Remember the purpose of using numbers is to identify you on the track at speed and also to identify you if you crash. You will fail tech inspection if your motorcycle is not readily identifiable at speed on the track. Note: there will be numbers available at the track.
      13. The inspectors ask you not to bring hot (engine temperature) motorcycles for inspection. Walk it up to tech. If it cannot be avoided, please warn the inspector beforehand. An inspector who burns his hands on your bike will more than likely find something wrong with it. Do not forget to bring your bike stand to tech inspection if you have no side stand.

Riders’ Meeting (Attendance is Mandatory)

All registered participants planning on riding must attend the riders meeting, which is held each morning at 8:30 AM before the track is opened. To ensure that we have everyone’s attention, registration and tech will be closed temporarily during this time. The pit area will be checked during the meeting for riders not in attendance at the meeting. Attendance will be taken at the Riders’ Meeting. If you arrived at the track late or miss the meeting you must report to the Events Coordinator to review the track procedures. Riders meetings are held to prepare and advise riders of the track procedures in effect for each day of the rally. Topics covered will include pit lane procedures, entering and exiting the track, track safety, marshaling concerns, an explanation of the flags, etc.

Flags and Flag Rules

The Corner Marshalls at each event will detail the flags and required responses at the mandatory riders meeting; the following is a general overview.

      • Yellow
        • Held Stationary: Indicates a potentially dangerous situation on or near the track. Use caution ahead. For example: a stopped rider.
        • Waved: Indicates danger immediately ahead, slow down and do not pass other riders until you have passed the danger. For example: a fallen rider or riders.
      •  Red and Yellow Striped
        • Held Stationary: Indicates a potentially dangerous situation on or near the track. Use caution ahead. For example: a stopped rider.
        • This flag indicates debris or fluids (Oil, brake, coolant, gas) on the track ahead. Whenever possible the marshal will point the flag at the offending material or area. A sweeping motion with the flag indicates a line of fluid throughout the curve. Slow down and keep your eyes open for the problem under these conditions.
      •  Black
        • Will be displayed by the starter or at midpoint on the track. If the flag is pointed at you, then the marshals have reported a problem with either your bike (mechanically) or your riding style. Cautiously check your bike over to ensure you are not endangering current track conditions, then proceed to the pit lane and report to the Club official. If the problem is mechanical (especially leaking fluids or smoking) please pull off the track as quickly and safely as possible.
      •  Red
        • Indicates a serious problem requiring a shut down (ambulance on track). Do not stop immediately! Carefully slow down and stop at the next marshal station. Do not form a road block. Choose the side of the track where the marshal is and stay to that side. Once the situation is clear, the marshal will signal you to proceed to the pits.
      •  Checkered
        • This indicates your track session is over, you are to slow down and proceed with a “cool down lap” to get back to the pits. Be aware of riders behind you, and use common sense when riding back to the pits. Any rider ignoring the marshal’s flag will receive further instructions on flags from the events coordinator and may lose their riding privileges.


The above information is to ensure that all members arrive at the track prepared and possess the required knowledge to ride safely. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us. These weekends are run by a group of volunteers who think the events are so much fun they have to help put them on. None of the volunteers are getting paid and most want to use the track as much as you do. The Club needs volunteers to perform various duties during our track days. If you or someone in your party can help in any way at our track events, we would appreciate it. Adequate volunteer help allows the Club to present these events safely to our members and at a reasonable cost. Remember no help, no rally.

Thanks and we’ll see you at the track.

Revision Date: 21-February-2023