Exec Meeting Minutes 02 Feb 2014

We were generously promised a meeting space at the Motorcycle Show but only now can confirm room 109 as the place.
AGM – ROOM 108 2PM – 4PM PLEASE NOTE ROOM CHANGE it’s just next door, though…
22 Feb 2014 Direct Energy Centre

Basic CMYK

Minutes of 02 Feb meeting here:

/Users/francismcdermott/Documents/02 Feb2014 minutes.doc02 Feb2014 minutes

If the document link won’t work let us know ASAP so we can sort out the best way to post up and archive club minutes and similar documents easily.
AGM agenda will be posted next week ’cause some items are still in process at the moment. Yeah, OK things are always in process but we are working on (among other things) introducing an integrated rider skills coaching option to our Blue rider group and whoa, don’t for a moment think THIS is anything like easy to configure and then deliver with full confidence. We are certain that good things deserve the effort needed to get them right.


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