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Toronto Ducati members bikes exposed for all to see :)

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Toronto Ducati members bikes exposed for all to see :)

Postby ignited » Sun Apr 19, 2020 6:58 pm

For anyone curious what kinds of bikes we have here in Toronto in our Ducs.ca site we will be posting 1 different members Ducati every day up for 24 hours on all 4 of our platforms.

Feel free to like, follow or subscribe and see some of the best Ducati's in the Country.

Just something simple daily to look forward to during these Covid 19 online times.

Some of the nicest and rarest Ducatis will be posted to view.

All bikes posted are ACTUAL MEMBERS bikes owned, raced, daily riders or show bikes/furnature in there living rooms. All owners remain unknown.

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Thanks from the moderators
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