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Help with 350

The docc defines "vintage" as all Ducatis' up to and including all models of the 750 F1.
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Re: Help with 350

Postby The Goochman » Fri Feb 17, 2012 7:28 pm


I live right on the border. I can help with parts imports if necessary.

E-mail at doghaus(at)rivernet(dot)net if I can be of help.

PS I may have a few spares for Pantahs still.

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Re: Help with 350 and an early 500 Pantah

Postby cm250to999 » Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:34 pm


Hindsight being 20/20, I wish I thought to ask you. This guy is going to get a very fair deal. It's been a nightmare, starting with him losing all his keys. We paid a locksmith to do nothing but open the fuel cap. A mistake on my part since I was able to take it apart and remove the tumblers so the key for the new ignition switch the owner provided would open it.

Best of all, it fired up yesterday and sounds very happy. The tank got a hug, and a tear in my eye. I was so happy. Sorting electrical and carbs has been a lot of hard work. It is so good to know it wants to try. Last step for now is to rebuild the entire brake system. It's in rough shape. So if the customer wants to keep going there is a very strong possibility more bits will be needed. I'll give you a shout to see what you can help with once we get there.

An added note; I had to laugh at how hard it is for me to remember a persons name at times. Yet decades later i can remember that the socket for the float needle seat is 9mm. This rebuild of the first of the belt drives has been a fair amount of old school fun for me. I am that much more glad of my past experience with these bikes. Sounds dumb, but when it blew a big cloud of carbon all over the shop (that I had to mop up) I was genuinely thrilled.

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