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916 clutch

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Re: 916 clutch

Postby robb916998 » Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:14 pm

Thanx Jeff.
I have made a spacer that will put the hub back into position !it will sit on top of the cut out washer over the inner hub and still has some float on the cushion rubbers.looks like it will do fine for now .

Also any one looking at the needle bearing in the end of the transmission shaft that supports the clutch push rod. It needs to be greased and from what i'm seeing it should be part of your maintenance regiment !
I have went to hell and back with this little night mare .it took me 3 solid nights of work to get that bastard out of there.One was cut short as i was shur I was going to the hospital to have a piece of the race removed from my eye ball.oh well we got er out ! Race and piece in eye .
So i checked the other 2 super bikes that are home rate now and they look and feel dry as well.
As Dr Ruth always said, you need lubrication!! ha ha.

I ordered the bearing ( many other things i would like to call it !)from the dealer and it arrived about a week later. BUT just for shits n giggles took it to kaittings bearings in Cambridge and yep they have them .look like a better made one to boot.

looking to put the puzzle back together this weekend and test her out at Calabogie .
It will be nice to have a smooth good working clutch ! especially at my favorite track !!
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