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996 SPS wouldnt start.... now runs but no power!

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996 SPS wouldnt start.... now runs but no power!

Postby Jbone » Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:09 pm

Ok, so I bought a 2000 996 SPS this spring. Since I bought it it has run fine. Last week I washed it, and about 30min to and hour later I went to go for a ride and it wouldn't start.

I checked all the electrics and everything wash fine. All lights work, pump works, it turns over no problem but it just wouldnt start! I left it over night and the next morning still no joy.
I thought it was a loose breather hose in the tank, one of them was loose so I reconnected it, new seal on the tank.... still wouldnt start.

Finally checked the plugs. They were fouled pretty bad. I knew the bike was running rich as it was taken down from a 60mm Sil Moto system to a 54mm Arrow and not adjusted. So I cleaned the plugs and put them back in. Finally it started!!
But it ran badly. Fine at low rpms but anything above 4-5k rpm and it revs to the ceiling without giving any more power. I mean minivans are beating me of the line! It sometimes gives a bit more, but over all it just won't move the way it should.

So I ordered new plugs, installed them and still the problem persists

At this point Im totally stumped! Any one with the same issue or some ideas, I'd love to hear em.

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Re: 996 SPS wouldnt start.... now runs but no power!

Postby Chris » Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:50 pm

Any chance you got water in the fuel tank when you washed it? If you had a loose line in the tank, any water that got near the cap would go straight into your tank. The water would then go straight to the bottom of the tank and immediately be sucked into your fuel filter which would clog and starve the motor of fuel...

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