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rocker shaft extractor - alternative

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rocker shaft extractor - alternative

Postby bandito » Sat Jan 26, 2013 10:38 pm

I need to pull out the closer rocker shafts to install new valve stem seals. I was wondering if anyone knows what the thread spec is for the ducati tool. I was going to buy a bolt and with a washer and socket try bang it out.

Also who is the best supplier (cheapest and quickest for Ontario) to get valve stem seals. Lost one and ruined the other. LOL
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Re: rocker shaft extractor - alternative

Postby bandito » Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:44 am

I finally got one of the valve stem seals on by just running my pointer finger in a circle on top of it. Popped right on. Check out the picture. It got covered in oil from oil on my finger but it is new.

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Re: rocker shaft extractor - alternative

Postby The Goochman » Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:17 pm

Valve seal installation tool = large diameter drinking straw from MacDonald's

The problem with installing valve seals is that they get torn on the valve collet grooves as you force them over the valves. A straw, cut to an appropriate length and slit lengthwise, will slip over the end of the valve and prevent the valve seal from catching as you push it over the straw.

I hope you can envision this.

I can't remember the size of the thread in the rocker arm, but I have a similar tool that I use for the Pantah engines out in the garage. The screw is about 3 inches long and I have couple of nuts and washers that fit as well. Sometimes the shaft will not pull out easily, so this is what I do. Find a socket that will fit over the end of the shaft, the idea is to have enough clearance that the shaft will pull into the socket. Starting with the screw, thread on a nut, add a large washer (big enough that it will sit on the top of the socket), add the socket with the drive end towards the washer, then thread the screw into the shaft. What you have done is to create a cheap and dirty shaft puller. Screw the nut down against the washer and it will pull the shaft out of its bore.

Watch out for the shims on the shaft. They need to go back in the same order that they came out. There will probably be a shim between the rocker arm and the case, between the rocker arm and the larger shim on one side of the spring clip, the larger shim on the other side of the spring clip and possibly additional shims behind that as well. The shims will fall into the engine if you are not paying attention.

You have plugged the oil return hole with something haven't you? Valve collets just love to disappear into those holes. I use those foam ear plugs with the strings for this job. The foam fits the hole tightly, and the string reminds me to pull the stupid thing out of the hole before I close up the engine!!!!!

If you drop a valve collet, stop the job and find the collet. Do not assume that it fell outside of the engine. It is a small, hardened piece of steel that will do all kinds of $$$$$ damage if it gets caught where it shouldn't.

Superfluous advice I hope.

Dave G
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