The Art of Cornering

Getting around corners as performance art?

Certainly.  But around the corner of the office cubicle to the water-cooler, maybe not so much.

At DOCC club track events in 2013, cornering smoothly, precisely and safely has been identified as a top priority by our riding marshals.  Lots of things we do either on auto-pilot or simply by rote repetition deliver adequate results allowing us to kind of muddle through our day.

But trackdays really should be elevated to something of a bit higher value than the everyday ordinary.

The opportunities and learning conditions are excellent and exceptional resources are right there at our disposal, all we really have to do is ask.


Club Marshal Coordinator Stewart Anderson has initiated a strategy of applying track craft to all levels of riding experience to give direct feedback to any registered rider interested in an experienced second opinion of their corner-craft.  Stewart’s team invites riders to engage riding marshals at our events with questions aimed at improving cornering dynamics and by extension; control.  Since there are few universally applicable tenets of good corner-craft, the personal approach is the right approach to real and meaningful progress in the art of cornering.










But is it ART?

Well, it is what you make of it.  Approach any DOCC riding marshal at our track events at any time and simply discuss safer, more precise cornering, the personal touch is right there for the asking.

See you at the track!





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