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While the motorcycle world in Canada is wrapping up and moving indoors to do all that rebuilding, polishing and dreaming, the DOCC’s executive has been pondering the future. No, they have not been kicking back with a bottle of Italian red and pondering if Santa will deliver that Panigale for Christmas, although I’m sure that does go on, they have actually been trying to plan the future of our track rallies.

While we try very hard to get good weekend dates spread nicely apart the truth is we are a small fish and to a certain extent have to take what is offered. Lets face it the tracks need to maximize profit and to this end any event which brings paying punters through the turn styles will get first dibs. Only when the tracks are sure that they have exhausted all avenues for ticket paying events do they dole out days to us. So while the survey mentions weekends please be aware we may not get them. But rest assured we will try.

You will also notice that Grand Bend is not included anywhere on this survey. Well despite our best efforts it seems Grand Bend just hasn’t got the support to make it profitable, so come next year it will be dropped from the calendar. We just can’t afford to keep subsidizing it and lets be honest I don’t think anyone will miss the onion smell!

So please spend five minutes and fill out our little survey. Then you can go back to polishing and dreaming.

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Paul ( DOCC # 11)


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