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Here we are just home from celebrating our number 25 DOCC Mosport track weekend with our friends new and old. We don’t want to rely on luck but since so many elements kind of actually do depend on exactly that we just have to remain ever grateful when the lucky factor nudges us all like it seemed to on the 6, 7 July at the CTMP facility.

The facility is improved everywhere and removal of the concrete patches on the track surface made an enormous improvement, wonderful actually. I, for one, heard only enthusiastic approval from riders and the overall flow around the spacious circuit seemed to be in accord with this perception. A wet track on Sunday morning delayed our opening considering slippery bits but thankfully we were going as soon as was reasonably feasible.

Your DOCC volunteer staff thank each rider who joined our 25th Mosport weekend for adding your material and other kinds of support to pull this off. It was a blast and we thank you all!


While you’re here reading this, take a moment and let us know your feelings and thoughts about the recent management decision made to open our registrations criteria to Japanese bike riders by invitation. We’d like to hear from anyone who attended and rode since you will have experienced the on-track chemistry and paid your dues – it’s your opinion that is based on the actual reality of today.
Use the Forum or send an email, phone call, letter, whatever but please let us know did it work or is it just wrong, OK?

Safe riding,


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Old git on a vintage Ducati

One comment on “What We Do
  1. Enzotoys says:

    In the best of all worlds, we would probably prefer to be riding among italian bikes only. But, the DOCC must cover its expenses if we want to continue track daying.

    At Calabogie and Mosport, I had no problem riding with japanese bikes. With the quality of the DOCC organisation and the respect showed by the riders, I felt riding safely.

    I observe that new Ducati sales are going very strong these years in the Province of Quebec and probably as well in Ontario. At the same time, DOCC seems to have lost some members. I think we should all try to convince friends and other Ducati owners to come and participate in future track days.

    All DOCC members should spread the good news : DOCC track week-ends are so much fun !

    Gilles Lachance
    Quebec City

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