Picking A Riding Group

When registering you must choose one of the following classes.

Blue is for the average street rider who enjoys a spirited ride, but is not ready to go road racing yet. Passing on the inside of corners is not permitted in this class.

Yellow is for experienced track riders who can turn good lap times, but still maintain a safe margin for error. Safe passing at any position on the track is allowed.

Green is open to all racers & equally fast non racers.  This group is very fast, riders should be comfortable riding in close quarters.  Safe passing at any position on the track is allowed.

It is strongly recommended that less experienced riders & riders never having ridden the circuit attend the first-timers’ Orientation Session, which will familiarize riders to corner’s & track lines.

Once you have chosen the class that best suits you. You are not held to it all weekend. We will allow class changes once per weekend to accommodate rider ability providing there is space available. All class changes must be authorized by the Event Coordinator.