August 7 & 8, 2017

The DOCC and CMP will be providing therapy sessions Aug 7&8. Unfortunately these are not normally covered under your benefits plan. If you figure out how to get coverage, let the rest of us know.

Pro 6 Cycle will have their tire shop open for us for the weekend. If your bike needs something different from the norm, let them know and they will try have them there for you. They will be happy to mount any tires you choose to bring as well.

Registration & tech are open Sunday evening at 7pm and will close at dusk. If you’re new to Bogie, look for the big tent, we’ll be there. Try to get everything sorted Sunday evening if you can, the mornings are often hectic.

Registration & tech open again at 7:30 am and will close at 8:30am Monday & Tuesday for the riders meeting at 8:30 am. We’ll reopen registration & tech after the meeting concludes.

At 8:00 am each day as required we’ll have a new rider orientation meeting at big tent. If you are new to the track or Calabogie, Stewart Anderson will providing some guidance and arranging coaches to help you on the track.

8:30 am each day. Riders Meeting. It’s mandatory for all riders, we’ll see you there. We’ll be covering track procedures, run groups, marshal’s flags, conditions, etc

9:00 am The fun begins and the track is open. We’ll be running Green, Yellow, and Blue groups for 20 min sessions in rotation until 12:00pm when we take a break for lunch.1:00 pm. The fun continues. We’ll be running Green, Yellow, and Blue groups for 20 min sessions in rotation until 5:00 pm when the track closes.

For both days the program is the same.

Registration is HERE

And while your there have a look at rules again HERE. It never hurts.

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