2016 AGM at the Toronto Supershow

Thanks to the SUPERSHOW folks for the meeting space!

As soon as I get a copy of the AGM minutes and can circulate them for completeness I will post a copy FYI. cheers, fmcd.










DOCC AGM is back to the former Toronto Supershow location on the Saturday, 09 January, 2016 from 2:00 – 4:00 in Room 104

Agenda to follow.


See you there!




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Old git on a vintage Ducati

2 comments on “2016 AGM at the Toronto Supershow
  1. Avatar image fmcd92 says:


    Much appreciate your support! Darren Webber is coordinating our club display and it seems we have multiple media elements at all of our disposal but interconnectivity is woefully inadequate. Please contact Darren: webb70@sympatico.ca if you could please.


  2. Alex Fischer says:

    hello Darrin …If you are doing the show I am planning on bringing two bikes …3 if needed . I have a 1999 Super sport …customized a 2004 Monster customized and if you need it a 1979 SSD customized please confirm alex.fischer@londonlife.com
    or 705 738-0150 HM Phone .

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